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Just wanted to reach out to the community to pose a question. Even though Asset Track by standard doesn't keep track of accessories and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, surge protectors etc.. how do other customers keep track of theirs? What methods are you using? Any programs or just spreadsheets? Any info on this would be helpful. Thanks


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Rick Goodlaski

I've already spoke to Troy regarding this question but I'd like to share with you a solution AssetTrack provides.

We've been successful using boxes in storage locations that represent the consumable assets. The boxes are tagged with an Asset Tag, the location of the storage closet or room, and an extended custom field called quantity which is an integer data type field. This quantity field provides a way to add or remove the number of items in the box which is essentially tracked like an asset. The box can even move locations as well, keeping the quantity number of consumables along with it.

Obviously this will not work outside the storage location bubble, but if you are trying to track deployed accessories then you will need to figure out a solution which requires tagging each item.


John E Mcconnell

Why track them? the cost to track and management them seems a bit to high... like tracking reams of paper or coffee filters.

Troy Barnes

Our management was looking into ways of tracking these so we were exploring options within Asset Track.


I recall Tom mentioning they were thinking about this bulk tracking concept in the tool. It's a use case gap for us in small portions as well. Some of the PC stockrooms do keep bulk things like drives and memory and whatnot laying around and at some point might benefit from a way to manage all of that in data. I'd say it's fairly low on our priority list at the moment, all things considered.

Tom Watson

AMI is going to add consumable inventory tracking to AssetTrack in the future.  We're working on a couple deals that require it.  We have other items in front of it: namely replacing the last remaining legacy software items in 2017.  I expect we'll have this available in 2018.

When AssetTrack can confidently track assets and consumable inventory, we'll have a comprehensive solution that will compete with much more expensive EAM systems.


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