Upgrading ServiceNow from Istanbul to Jakarta

Hello - We are planning to upgrade our PROD ServiceNow instance from Istanbul to Jakarta.  Is this any concern for AssetTrack that we already have integrated?

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Thomas Watson

Hi Robert,

AssetTrack for ServiceNow is fully compatible with Jakarta (as well as Kingston). There should be no issue with AssetTrack due to your upgrade.

That said, you should always test your upgrades in a non-production environment. We recommend cloning your production instance and testing the upgrade there before attempting in production. This is especially true if you have customized servicenow and AssetTrack with any custom business rules etc.

This is just a best practices recommendation. We don't expect you to have any issue with AssetTrack post upgrade.

If you do have any issues, don't hesitate to contact AMI support at support@amitracks.com. Our support team will be able to address anything that pops up easily.


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