ServiceNow Virtual Stockroom Guidance

This is a copy of a KB article I wrote for our Field Services team regarding the use of stockrooms in our environment. We have multiple silos of IT support so it is meant to address them across the organization. Hope folks find this useful! 


ServiceNow defines stockrooms as 'places to which assets are assigned.'

ServiceNow allows for stock rules. When stock is low on a particular asset, stock rules can either notify an asset manager or automatically transfer inventory from one stockroom to another.

Stockrooms in ServiceNow provides six (6) fields:

Field  Description  Internal use
 Name Display name and identifier of the stockroom our stockrooms are prefaced by a 3 character internal organization identifier + one of the internal defined stockroom names. see below.
Assignment group Group that primarily uses the stockroom. Must be an identified Service Provider group in ServiceNow
 External Whether this stockroom is managed internally (check box is cleared) or is managed externally by a third party (check box is selected). Currently all ServiceNow stockrooms are internal 
 Location  Physical location of the stockroom. Currently the internal building number is allowed, but not a specific location in the building. Our buildings are loaded by the facility folks into ServiceNow
 Type Type of stockroom, such as Field Agent or On site. ALL  stockrooms are currently defined as on site.
 Manager Person in charge of the stockroom. Receives restocking notifications and requests for the stockroom's stock rules The manager must be listed as a Service Provider in ServiceNow


Here is a list of approved stockroom types authorized by the IT Asset Management Working Group. To request a new stockroom please open a ticket and assign it to the 'Asset Management Working Group.' We will review it and get back to you with our decision.

 Name Purpose 
<ORG> Consumables Stockroom Used for storing cables, monitors,mice,keyboards,etc. Note: AssetTrack can't be used for this stockroom at this time.
<ORG> Legacy Systems Stockroom  Used to hold assets that we aren't ready to retire.
<ORG> Loaner Systems Stockroom Used to manage loaner systems available for travel, training, or short conference needs (2-3 days)
<ORG> New Systems Stockroom Used to identify new standard model computers available to be purchased thru divisional chargeback models
<ORG> Repair Systems Stockroom Used to identify systems in a repair state. Assets in this stock room should be temporarily assigned to the service provider in charge of the repair.
<ORG> Refresh Systems Stockroom Used for holding assets defined as part of a refresh project/process. Assets in this stockroom are usually assigned to a user for deployment
Site Printer Supplies Stockroom Used for managing supplies tied to the Sitewide Printer agreement. Requests made thru the Printer Supplies catalog item. Note: AssetTrack can't be used for this stockroom at this time.


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